Albert van Jaarsveld

Academic Staff + Board of Directors

Albert van Jaarsveld, after completing his post-graduate Diploma in architecture at Cambridge University, became a registered architect and established a practice in London. He returned to South Africa in 2010 where he has for eleven years been employed by the University of Cape Town both as a tutor and course convener, on a part-time basis. Albert was also in full-time employment at Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects (SAOTA) for ten years until 2020.

He has developed large portions of the BAS undergraduate curriculum by preparing new coursework and lecture programmes focussing on integrating theory, technology and design methodology with studio projects. Albert developed the bridging course for admission to the landscape architecture and urban design courses at UCT.

Currently, he is publishing SEA’s first research output, originally commissioned as a colloquium by Stellenbosch University Music Department. He delivers public lectures, presentations at international architectural conferences and conducts architecture tours on a regular basis.